Buy Local

Our Plan



Local businesses are our preferred sub-contractor suppliers.



Where possible we employ local people from the Northern Territory.



All of our resources are sourced locally where possible.



Buy Local supports local industry growth.



Up-skilling ensures we remain competitive and attractive to our clients.

Buy Local Values

To be competitive and valuable to our customers we ensure our team of staff remain skilled through industry development initiatives and up-skilling. Where possible we use local Registered Training Organisations to assist our staff to maintain the skill level required to do their job effectively and safely.

For our Construction and Roofing services we use locally sourced products, all with the aim of ensuring we are supporting other local Territory businesses. This outcome is highly valued by our management team.

Local industry participation is important too for building relationships and partnerships. We look for Aboriginal and regional development initiatives as way of enhancing those partnerships.

ANT Buy Local

ANT has a responsibility as a local born and bred company to have in place a value for Territory procurement plan that ensures goods and services are sourced locally within the NT.

The plan has been developed in line with NTG’S Buy Local Plan.

ANT’S objective is to ensure that the largest possible proportion of every dollar spent by ANT is retained within the Territory economy and community.

If a product or service requested from our client is not available in the NT, then ANT follow their Buy Local Plan to ensure that all other alternatives are investigated and exhausted before procuring from interstate or internationally.

In the past ANT have been able to undertake upskilling training for staff to meet the needs of clients that are not available locally and additionally bridging the skill gap and ensuring the work and revenue remains local.

Additionally, ANT have often sourced alternative products that are available locally whilst still maintaining the same if not better quality, cost and lead time benefits.

With ANTS Buy Local Plan in place, local content such as employment, industry development, up-skilling, Aboriginal development can be converted into long-lasting local benefits for the Territory.

ANT’S Buy Local content includes goods, services, training. This also extends to indirect benefits such as economic stimulation, local industry development and infrastructure development.

These objectives are also consistent with the NT Government’s Building Northern Territory Industry Participation Policy (BNTIP).

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