Our People

Our People

Anthony Lillicrap


Highly meticulous and thorough by nature, Anthony has a growing national reputation. Over many years Anthony has built a strong network of contacts in the NT industry, using his non-confrontational approach to bring people together and achieve optimal outcomes on a project to project basis. He has always excelled in construction, particularly in sensitive working environments such as hospitals, education facilities and commercial spaces. He has used his skills in diverse settings, including remote and health sectors to create relationships based on trust that the given job will be completed correctly the first time, without error. Anthony assists his staff to create productive relationships, projects, programs and services, encouraging them to grow personally and professionally through work, study, training and development activities. By building a respect from always following procedure, he has resolved potential hazardous situations on multiple occasions that involved infrastructure, defence projects and domestic removals.

Melissa Sims

General Manager

Providing overall management across ANT with a key focus on enhancing integrated management systems and building company brand and reputation. Developing relationships within industry and boosting moral and culture within the teams across Darwin and Alice Springs. Holding supporting team members accountable for responsibilities and assisting with ongoing improvement and development.

Melissa has successfully delivered Program Management, Project Management, Contract Administration and Compliance support for various Clients throughout the Northern Territory.

Adam Bennett

Tender Proposals Manager 

With over 20 years experience in the construction industry, Adam has worked his way through roles from Leading Hand, Supervisor, Site Manager, Project Manager and Construction Manager for one of the NT’S largest construction companies, before joining Ant . Adam has developed a trusted network of Industry relationships, suppliers, sub-contractors and staff. Adam’s ability to handle very complex projects has been showcased in recent years whilst he was managing multiple award winning, Health, Education and Tourism facility developments. He has a passion for developing the Northern Territory and furthermore Indigenous Employment. This has been demonstrated with Adam’s development of award winning training programs that have previously won the Northern Territory and Australian Training Awards. Adam has worked comprehensively throughout the Northern Territory, from remote communities in the Central Desert to the Islands of the Top End, and has invaluable experience working around the many varied regions of the Northern Territory.

Michael Betteridge

Construction Manager

Long-time Construction Manager, Mick brings an extensive background of industry knowledge and experience with a demonstratable track record of successful management and project delivery.

Actively working with Project Managers and Site Management Staff to strengthen our team’s performance, ensuring maximum productivity. Overall responsibility for the performance, planning, efficiency, and profitability of the Construction operation.

Monitoring, management, and improvement of support services such as Project Management, Logistics, Civil Operations, HR, and Safety.

Patrick Bishop

Project Manager

Patrick is across all facets of the business, maintaining a direct focus on managing project delivery teams to ensure resources are allocated accordingly, costs are controlled, and safety is on the highest standards. ensuring projects are delivered on time and in accordance with specifications.

With almost 2 decades of experience from hands-on site knowledge, beginning his career as an apprentice carpenter to now managing and delivering positive commercial projects. The key to Patricks success is his focus on miantaining strong relationships with alt stakeholders involved, developing trusted partnership with repeat clients.

Patrick builds bridges to create mutually bebeficiat opportunities with other companies and organisiation that are similarly passionate and dedicated to the industry. He is a firm believer in the best practise techniques, to do it right the first time. he installs this in to his site team, delivering a productive and quality focused tarn to deliver an exceptional product.

Bernard O Connell

Project Manger

Bernard is a problem solver; he has instinctive ability to develop solutions through a structured approach which has enabled him to successfully deliver complex construction projects beyond expectations. He is directly involved with many of our construction projects, imparting his extensive’front end ‘project management knowledge on delivery strategies, risk management and governance.

Together with many years hands on experience on site, Bernie helps clients accurately interpret project challenges and builds practical solutions

Bernie has extensive experience in scoping, design development and delivery of construction projects. client side construction management, engineering designer and construction contractor. He has extensive experience in operational facilities and Defence infrastructure delivery.

Ricardo Braga

Project Manager

Ricardo’s natural ability to develop tailored solutions through a structured approach has enabled him to successfully deliver outcomes within timeframes and beyond expectations.

Beginning with ANT in an on-site role Ricardo soon progressed through the ranks to become a Supervisor and Manager, with a passion for passing on his values to his team through hard work and dedication. He has many years of experience working with government, private and not for profit sectors, underpinned by his enthusiasm to pass on his knowledge to his team
members and clients. A creative thinker with a focus on results, Ricardo has motivated and managed a diverse range of projects. He has a strong background in specialised removal techniques and is never afraid of being on the front line to ensure his team are well supported to carry out the task at hand. Ricardo enjoys a challenge and always finds an innovative safe solution to whatever he encounters. Ricardo is particularly interested in helping others understand the importance of safe handling techniques. Often Ricardo is requested to deliver projects for repeat clients, a testament to Ricardo’s professional approach.

Jamie Mead

Operations – Top End

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Sean Geiger

Construction Site Manager

Sean is responsible to oversee and manage site operations on a day-to-
day basis, from project commencement through to commissioning and hand over, ensuring work is completed, safely, on time and within budget, conforming to expected quality standards and contractual
obligations. With a goal to lead by example and inspire the team to do their best, every day.

Garry Bell

Team Leader

With an early and successful background in facilitating training and coordinating logistical movements for some of the world’s largest and well-known tour companies, Garry made the transition into a logistics role on one of Australia’s Largest LNG resource projects at Wheatstone in WA before moving into construction industry in 2016.  He has since successfully managed projects in the Northern Territory in remote locations such as Groote Eylandt and Galiwinku, joining the ANT Construction team in 2019. With his keen eye for detail combined with his logistical expertise and people skills, Garry is in high demand. When a complex remote project arises where logistics, decisive coordination and teamwork are imperative to the successful delivery of the project, Garry is often requested by clients to carry out the site supervision and coordination.  Garry’s favourite quote, “Leave nothing to chance”, ensures all works are carried out following protocols and complying with current standards, to the highest standard of quality workmanship.

Eamonn Dennehy

Team Leader

Eamonn specialises in the delivery of complex construction projects predominantly in the Defence industry. After working on several Defence projects for a client, Eamonn’s presence was specifically requested to help deliver an 8-week project in the United Kingdom. This opportunity demonstrates the high level of client satisfaction on Eamonn’s delivered work, as well as his commitment to projects, which is perceived by all clients alike. Eamonn is one of ANT’s leading Site Managers and is highly regarded in the industry.

Bianca Gordon

Office Manager

Bianca joined the ANT Construction team as Office Manager in 2016 after seven years with one the NT’S largest construction companies.  Bianca is professional, loyal, trustworthy and hard-working, offering long term commitment to all projects. Bianca works extremely well under pressure and constantly strives to perfect the tasks she undertakes, regularly reviewing and conducting internal audits on ANT’s Quality Assurance, WHS and Business Management Systems.  This level of commitment ensures correct procedures are in place to protect ANT’s valued clients, staff, contractors and suppliers alike. Bianca’s experience in accounts ensures ANT clients always receive a smooth transaction process throughout the entire project administration, from project initiation to completion.

Jessica Baney

Site Clerk / WHS Officer

Martin Lawler

Team Leader

Chris Power

Team Leader

Emlyn Staple

Team Leader

Scott Nicolai

Team Leader

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