Centralian Senior College

Client: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

Location: Alice Springs

Duration: 1 year

Cost: $486,000


The project involved a complete redesign of the existing roofing system. From design to construction, we increased the pitch of the roof by 4o and eliminating a problem expansion joint by using one continuous roof sheet to fix an ongoing problem with roof leaks following extensive storm damage.

This project involved a tight timeline as it needed to be complete prior to the commencement of the school period after the school holidays.

ANT Construction overcame unseasonable high rainfall during the project, with hand-over of the project on-time and with client satisfaction. This project’s total value was $486,000.

During the works at Centralian Senior College, we discovered that there are no qualified companies to install the Sayfa Roof Safety Systems, which is an access and fall protection system used all around the world increase safety when access high platforms. We have since had several of our staff trained interstate to bring the trade into Alice Springs and keeping the local economy strong and helping to drive the local economy, instead of using interstate sub-contractors where the local economy misses out completely.

Alice Springs


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